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Blogging for Money

E Club is more than just writing a blog!

This is your chance to stamp your mark on the world by writing about what you know or experience. The club lists your blog with other members  so your all in one place to read and enjoy about each others wisdoms. " The Club " is the secret to the success of getting readers and making your blog stand out from the millions on the internet right now.
See the advertising on the Right.......of the page......nothing is really free!
But the advertising changes depending on what you write about!
Once you join?
We upload your blogging platform and give you the access code to start writing.
After 5 " Posts " we help submit your blog to Google to get an advertising account. This is where you make money advertising on auto-matic for Google
This is your start - in one year your blog can have over 1 thousand pages online and visible to the whole world. What you write about can influence others and change lives. If someone wrote about how to change lawnmower blades it would have saved me hours on trying to figure it out. Now this is simple if you have done it before!
The perfect roast pork - Kids Dinners - Chemical free cleaning - Travelling secrets and the list goes on. It's not just about HOW to make money online but your now starting a blog to help people, show them things and the how to's in life.
1. Our Blogging platform is easy to use.
2. It's your own website
3. Make money every month
You can have one user or heaps, invite family and friends to help you blog, like a sporting group or fundraiser that can last forever.
I produce websites for many businesses and this is the way of the future, but think of you competition on the net. Joining the " Club " gives you the advantage to get a head start. I wish there was a head start for me years ago.
Now I am going to give you " YOURS " a head start into making money online with a blog.

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